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Analyzer Audit Software

10 Unique Features of Arbutus Analyzer

  • Multiple tables open at the same time
  • Export to multiple Excel tabs,
    and other Export options
  • Smart Search
  • Enhanced view capabilities, including triggers
  • Shared folders
  • Fuzzy matching
  • Date and Time support
  • Enhanced procedure debugging
  • Enhanced procedure capabilities
  • Read delimited data directly

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You have questions you want answered. Arbutus Analyzer offers the shortest route to the answers in your data.

Arbutus Analyzer is a Windows-based data analysis and conversion tool that auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators use to access and analyze server or mainframe data. 

With Analyzer, data from different platforms or sources can appear in virtual columns in a single file, giving users real-time access to mainframe data from their Windows computers or web apps.

Analyzer Diagram: How it Works

Diagram - Analyzer

Familiar Spreadsheet Interface

Analyzer uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to browse, analyze, or report on data from different sources, making it appear as though the data were already in a data warehouse. Analyzer provides read-only access of unlimited file sizes, making it the secure, obvious choice for any organization needing easy, reliable access to mainframe data.

Analyzer's interface provides numerous pre-built analytics for sophisticated data analysis without any reliance on IT personnel. Depending on your requirements, the analysis can be done interactively, or set up to run in an automated environment.

Unlike traditional Windows data manipulation software, such as Access or Excel, the Analyzer user interface is specifically designed to directly access legacy data.

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Secure, Easy Access to Corporate Data

Does your organization have data that is difficult, costly, or time-consuming to access?

Data Access Made Easy

  • Access virtually any data in your organization, from modern relational databases to old, complex, mainframe-based, legacy data files without ETL, data staging, or extra infrastructure
    • Case study: Arbutus solves data access challenges for a public utility with a massive, complex mainframe file
  • Legacy data sources can be easily combined with other databases to create a unified view of the data you need
  • DB2IMSVSAMISAM, sequential (QSAM) flat files, and AS/400 data may all be integrated into Arbutus Analyzer
  • Full range of tools that supports the implementation of business rules into data definitions

Powerful Data AnalysisQuote - Jean-Guy Pitre

  • Windows interface and familiar spreadsheet appearance facilitates straightforward data analysis, regardless of data format or source
  • Unlimited file sizes
  • Fastest performance – see latest benchmark tests vs competition
  • Virtual columns allow any computations or business rules to appear as a column, even when accessing legacy data
  • Powerful data analysis and manipulation commands support even the most advanced tasks
  • Advanced data processing and definition capabilities extend the value that can be realized from the legacy data sources

Data Security with Minimal IT or Administrator Intervention

  • Administrators can centrally control access, setup, and data definitions for end-users
  • Your data is secure, as Analyzer provides strictly “read only” access
  • No programming required for many types of reporting and analysis
  • Data Definition Wizard guides you through metadata creation
  • Automated metadata conversion allows rapid data definition in most cases
  • Complete semantic layer allows customization of the table and column names
  • The optional Arbutus language is specifically designed for analyzing data, meaning sophisticated applications can be developed in a short period of time, using minimal lines of code

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