Improve the Performance of your Audit Analytics Program

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How to break through barriers and drive more value from your data analytics program. 

The majority of internal audit departments don’t believe they’re utilizing data analytics effectively. One aspect of better utilization is to combine the strengths of two or more audit software applications to achieve superior results. This session provides practical guidance and examples of how to combine audit-specific analytics technology with general data visualization tools to drive improved performance, better outcomes and more business value.

In 90 minutes, you'll come away knowing: 

  • Why data-driven auditing can save time and increase audit assurance, coverage and quality.
  • Learn to distinguish between exploratory and confirmatory queries and how Arbutus & visual reporting tools like Tableau can work together to streamline internal audit data prep & analysis. 
  • Why methodology is so important. Understanding a repeatable process for brainstorming, documenting query design features and cross-referencing data queries.
  • Step through specific examples of this approach that showcase how finance and audit professionals can surface previously unidentified findings in accordance with accounting policy.

Key Presenters

Key Presenters

Oringel pic

Joe Oringel

Managing Director, Visual Risk IQ

SME in Data Analytics, Visual Reporting and Continuous AuditingCPA, CIA with twenty-five years of experience in internal auditing, fraud detection & forensics. Joe specializes in risk-focused data analytics using a variety of software tools including Arbutus Analyzer, Tableau, and more


Brad Thiessen

Director of Client Services at Arbutus

Brad has been involved with audit and fraud detection analytics for over 25 years. Worked with various industries globally to help achieve success in the use of audit analytics and audit automation. He continues to see a wide variance in user adoption and results of analysis technology within the audit function.