Tracking Down Outliers using Data Analytics

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Identify Outliers



This webinar will explain the significance of outliers when testing transactions, whether they are vendor invoices, GL postings, or travel & entertainment expenses.  Use of examples using Arbutus Analyzer will demonstrate the best analytics for identifying outliers.

You'll learn:

  1. What are outliers?

  2. Why are they important?

  3. Traditional outlier identification

  4. Advanced statistical methods



Michael Kano, ACDA

Data Analytics Consultant, Arbutus Analytics

Michael has 25 years of experience in data analytics and internal audit with organizations in the USA, Canada, and the Middle East.

From 2015 to 2019, he was a senior member of the data analytics practice at Focal Point Data Risk, a US-based professional services firm.
Prior to Focal Point, Michael led eBay, Inc.’s data analytics program in the Internal Audit department. He was tasked with integrating data analytics into the audit workflow on strategic and tactical levels. This included developing quality and documentation standards, training users, and providing analytics support on numerous audits in the IT, PayPal, and eBay marketplaces business areas. He also provided support to non-IA teams such as the Business Ethics Office and Enterprise Risk Management teams.

During his years at eBay, Michael supported audits throughout the organization in the IT, compliance, operations, vendor management, revenue assurance, T&E, and human resources areas. Michael's software experience includes Arbutus Analyzer, ACL Desktop/Direct Link, Alteryx, Microsoft Access, SQL, and Tableau.

He led ACL Services Ltd.’s global training team for 8 years. He is a graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management.