Arbutus V6.3 BETA is Now Available

Product Overview

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Arbutus V6.3 BETA is available now

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Version 6.3 provides improved data access and discovery and makes it easier for users to create powerful, interactive apps.


  • Expanded data access & discovery
  • Increased speed and performance
  • Get more focused, meaningful results with one step – whether reporting in Analyzer or outputting to other reporting and data visualization tools
  • Create a more comprehensive suite of customized Arbutus Apps that offer a better, more intuitive user experience
  • It’s now even easier to prep and combine data for analysis and visualization
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Data Access & Discovery

Dedicated Import Menu: simplify the growing ways you can explore and access your data with Analyzer.



Speed and Performance

64 Bit processing where you need it the most – sorting, especially on large files. Our already impressive 32k record width limit has been removed with our new sort command so you can now tackle extremely long record lengths.


Easier to Prep and Combine Data for Analysis and Visualization. 

(i.e. Tableau™, Power BI™, Qlik™ etc.)
Visualization in Power BI™


Unearth New Analytics by using Append to Combine Disparate Data.



Get More Focused, Meaningful Results with One Step

Summarize, Classify, Aging, etc.

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