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utilization and results.

Arbutus - the best interface between
your data and meaningful answers.

Arbutus gives you powerful audit analytics that will
uncover results.

Audit Software by Arbutus

Designed for audit, risk, and compliance, Arbutus Audit Analytics is based on 25 years of software innovation and development.

Benefits of Arbutus:

  • Fastest audit software available
  • Familiar interface makes it easy to learn
  • Tons of unique features
  • Frequent software updates
  • Costs less than the competition
  • Expand Your Capabilities

Switch to Arbutus audit software for improved personal and team productivity, along with greater confidence in your findings. Whether you are an occasional or power user of audit software, the Arbutus experience will maximize results and minimize frustration.

Optimized for Performance

Data sources are getting larger. New types of analysis, like fuzzy matching, require high performance. From simple ad hoc queries to complex, scheduled tests, Arbutus gives you the fastest performance of any audit software solution.

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