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From self service desktop and team-based analytics to fully automated solutions, Arbutus technology empowers you to use ALL of your data to gain better business insights at speeds you never thought possible.

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Providing services and solutions in Analytical Intelligence, enabling our clients to unveil and expand their vision for preventive actions and for their positioning both at the tactical level and at the strategic level. 

iT - Tech Solutions


Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia

Pioneer in the area of ​​good governance, assurance, risk management, quality and security in information systems (IT). 



ENIAC CORP - Puerto Rico, Central America, Cuba, Dominican Rep. ENIAC CA - Venezuela

Eniac is a leading information technology (IT) company, with more than 40 years of impeccable experience, a high level of maturity in its services, extensive experience in technological solutions and numerous satisfied clients throughout Latin America and the Caribbean



Chile, Argentina

Offering services in Governance, Audit and Fraud Management, Information Security & Cybersecurity and Application Integrity Analytics.





Accimetric, S.C. Helping companies in their efforts to achieve their operational, reporting and compliance objectives




An Ecuadorian company, adding value to clients by obtaining safer business processes, incorporating technology into risk management and auditing functions. 




Arbutus Partner in Colombia

 E DATA Tecnologia


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The use of Arbutus technology has created new business opportunities for distributors, independent software vendors, systems integrators and consultants. Expand your revenue stream by tapping into the business opportunities afforded by the adoption of Arbutus.

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Access All Data

Access your Data: Big, Small, Complex, Disparate. Systems: Financial, Operational, IT. Platforms: On Premise, Cloud, PC, Mainframe


Discover what data you have before you get started. Unlock new analytic opportunities based on what you find.

Verify & Prep

Ensure your data is accurate and complete. Consolidate, Normalize, Cleanse, Discover.


Engineered for Analysis. Unlock the Power to ask any question of all your data and process at millions of records per second.

Communicate & Remediate

Systematically Manage Your Results. Share Your Findings across your organization within Arbutus or within your Data Visualization or other Applications.


Automate Your Analytics.  Scheduled, Centralized, Continuous.  Focus your efforts where they're needed the most.

Arbutus Platform

Democratize Data and Analytics

Stand up Automated Analytics based on a centralized, server-based approach with just a few clicks. It really doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive.


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Global Training Services

Arbutus Online Learning

Arbutus offers all Levels of Online Live Virtual Training - Introductory to Advanced. Our live virtual classes are taught by Arbutus Certified Trainers with more than 20 years of experience. Courses are interactive to enhances the learning process.

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