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Three ways to Integrate, Enhance and Improve Your Audit Performance with Automated Analytics

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Analytics have gained strong adoption and acceptance within the audit community. 

What is less accepted is the automation of analytics. Automation of analytics (aka continuous auditing or monitoring, continuous risk assessment) is recognized for its potential value, but there continue to be unfulfilled expectations.  Some of the challenges and solutions discussed in this ebook are:

Enabling More Powerful and Sustainable Audit Analytics

Integrating Exception Management

Automated Analytics and Enhanced Root Cause Analysis



"I can definitely say that the Smart Apps are awesome! I ran G/L postings on weekends for 62M rows in 3 minutes flat”
Rene Kennedy, Director of IT Audit & Analytics
Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. USA
On-Demand Webinar

Driving More Value with Automated Analytics

In this Webinar, we’ll discuss 3 areas of Analytics Automation: (1) Producing the findings, (2) Managing the findings, and (3) Learning from the findings.

Key Takeaways:
  • The value of Analytics Automation
  • Understanding the various technologies (i.e. RPA, AI, etc.)
  • Practical ideas for deploying and managing Analytics Automation
  • Using a more structured approach to remediating exceptions
  • Benefits of Root Cause Analysis
  • Using Analytics Automation to get a broader, more complete view of your organization over time

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