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Arbutus technology empowers you to use ALL of your data to gain better business insights at speeds you never thought possible.

A series of below-the-radar events may be a precursor to serious fraud attempts against your organization. Access diverse, disparate data, seamlessly across systems and platforms. Verify & Prep your data for accurate insights through exploration and validation. Learn how to utilize robust fraud detection analytics to identify potential threats before they lead to material losses or serious fraud attempts.

Detect Watchlist Matches

Discover instances where counterparties match those on sanction lists, indicating potential regulatory violations or risks

Analyze Transactions in High-Risk Countries

Examine transactions taking place in countries with elevated risk levels, often associated with regulatory or geopolitical concerns

Identify Even Dollar Repeats

Identify instances where transactions occur with the same even dollar amount multiple times

Detect Suspicious Keyword Matches

Take measures to detect occurrences where transaction descriptions or comments contain keywords that raise suspicion, helping mitigate the risk of potential fraudulent or non-compliant activities

Continuous Monitoring

Timely detection of potential frauds is possible through continuous monitoring. Scheduled analytics can be set to run 24/7 without requiring the direct involvement of the fraud investigator.

Automated Fraud Detection

High Frequency Automated Testing for high risk areas

Whether it’s scripted procedures or workflows, fraud detection analytics can be scheduled to execute with frequencies that reflect the related risks.

They can run in the background while other deliverables are being prepared or overnight, without the need for an analyst’s presence.

Automated analysis can leverage the power of a server to rapidly process large data files. 

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▶️ Enhanced Fraud Detection

This webinar raised awareness about fraud types and detection using automated data analysis, including insights from the ACFE Report to the Nations - Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.

Fraud controls in enterprise software such as Oracle and SAP were limited to direct interactions. Successful fraudsters exploited interfaces between processes and systems, with the typical case persisting for 14 months.

Deploying data analytics for continuous testing proved effective, overcoming traditional fraud detection limitations. Timely detection helped organizations mitigate fraud impact, and robust systems acted as powerful deterrents.


Webinar Replay

Fraud Specific Tests

There are nearly 70 SmartApps, and they execute widely-used audit analytics in the following business areas: - Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fraud/Compliance, Inventory, Fixed Assets, General Ledger. 

▶️ Adding Keyword Searches to Your Analytical Techniques

Keywords in descriptions, comments, and communications can indicate attempted  fraud. Add keyword searches to your skillset and learn how to automate them.

Short video to learn about the data you should target for searches, the many ways to search for keywords, and which keywords to look for. 

Powerful Duplicate Detection 

If you're trying to detect same vendor, same amount, different invoice, selecting the "Different" parameter will identify those transactions.

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Popular Test_Duplicate Payments-Image 4



▶️ When is a Duplicate not a Duplicate

Identifying fuzzy duplicates has never been easier.

Arbutus Analyzer’s versatile functionality enables even new users to detect possible duplicate payments, vendors sharing similar addresses among themselves or with your organization’s employees, and counter parties who may be on government watch lists.

This webinar includes nine different scenarios with detailed descriptions of the tests and their results.

You'll learn about:
- Identifying possible risks
- How to deploy Analyzer commands and functions

Stay Compliant with Ease

Frequent updates to regulatory and organizational compliance standards can be readily addressed on short notice. Integrating these requirements into an Arbutus process is straightforward, ensuring that your compliance testing program remains up to date.

Counterparty Validation

Organizations typically deal with numerous counterparties such as vendors, employees, and customers. Regulatory compliance dictates that certain organizations and individuals must be avoided. Watch lists can be compared to your organization’s counterparties to ensure that best efforts have been made to identify and exclude those with names and addresses that match. Similar testing can also lead to potential fraudsters who are using slightly modified names and addresses of legitimate counterparties.

Normalized Names and Addresses

Use the SortNormalize function to standardize the names and addresses of your counterparties and the population of the watch list. Then, use a many-to-many Join to identify matches. It's possible to integrate a fuzzy search dimension by specifying a filter in the Join for matches that are within one character of each other:

Normalize Addresses and Names

- OFAC Sanctioned Vendors List

▶️ Detecting Outliers

In this webinar, we explored the world of reviewing transactions, such as vendor invoices, financial postings, and travel and entertainment expenses. We talked about the importance of outliers, which are unusual bits of data that really matter. We demonstrated easy ways to manage these anomalies, covering what outliers are, why they're a big deal in transaction data, simple methods to spot them, and cool tricks with advanced statistics for more refined detection.


Exception Management 

Minimize risk. Stamp out fraud, waste & abuse.

Become a truly "data driven" organization by objectively taking action on the results from your data analysis efforts.  Address the problems you find. Specific issues or process & control weaknesses. 

Secure all of your activities. Your own security framework under your own control. On-premise or in your own cloud environment. All data is encrypted at rest and in motion.

Set Triggers and Alerts. Get notified within the system or by email. 

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Our Latest Release - Arbutus 8

Ensure Data Quality.  Build Complex Analytics – Easily.  Visualize Results & Engage Your Team.

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