Empower Your Team with Analytics & Protect Your Data

Arbutus Analytics  I  Hub

Strengthen Recommendations.  Make Better Decisions. Improve Outcomes

Securely access all your Data and extend the power of Analytics across your team regardless of their technical level or location.

Schedule and Automate

Automate repetitive tasks and free your team to focus on high value add work. Perform analytics just in time anytime, schedule to run during off-peak hours, or monitor continuously without manual intervention.

Access All Your Data

Ensure your team has secure access to the latest data available. Curate disparate data sources across your organization including mainframe.

Analytics from Anywhere

Provide your team with the capability to perform analytics remotely while keeping your data safe. Worldwide access to data, tests & results.

Analytics for Everyone

Enable your less technically inclined team members with the capability to perform self service analytics and run even the most complex analytics developed by your most technical data analysts.


Engineered For High Performance

Designed to Scale. Built for Speed

Arbutus Windows Server was architected to address the data analytic needs of even the largest organizations.

Arbutus Server v1

Speed and Performance

Harness the Power of multi-threaded technology and compression.  Take advantage of the additional processing power of your server hardware.  Big Data?  No problem.  Analyze your data at millions of records per second

Arbutus Server v1

Deployment and Maintenance

Deploy On-Premise or in your own Cloud Environment (i.e. AWS®, Azure®).  Easily move from Desktop Analytics to Centralized Server-Based Analytics. Scale up as your needs evolve with just a few clicks.

Arbutus Server v1

Secure Data Access

Maintain all data on your own secure servers safely behind your firewall.  Control data access via your admin, whether onsite or from a remote location. Arbutus HUB maps to your own security framework

Arbutus Platform

Democratize Data and Analytics


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Automated Analytics. Simplified

It's no Longer a Bridge too Far.  Stand up Automated Analytics based on a centralized, server-based approach with just a few clicks. It really doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive.

Three ways to Integrate, Enhance and Improve Your Audit Performance with Automated Analytics

Challenges and solutions discussed in this eBook are -

  • Enabling More Powerful and Sustainable Audit Analytics
  • Integrating Exception Management
  • Automated Analytics and Enhanced Root Cause Analysis

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