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Arbutus SmartApps

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Designed for users at all levels. SmartApps are Arbutus procedures (scripts) that are part of the standard Arbutus installation. 

SmartApps - How it works? 


There are nearly 70 SmartApps, and they execute widely-used audit analytics in the following business areas:

Accounts Payable (AP) Analytics

AP-Aging By Invoice Date
AP-Duplicate Invoices Or Payments
AP-Creditors With Net Debit Balances
AP-Duplicate Field Search 

Accounts Receivable (AR) Analytics

AR-Aging By Due Date And Invoice Date
AR Debtors With Net Credit Balances
AR-Debtors Transaction Summary
AR-Duplicate Field Search.

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Fixed Asset (FA) Analytics

FA-Fixed Asset Additions
FA-Asset Category Summary
FA-Depreciation Exceeding
FA-Depreciation Exceeding Cost.

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Fraud/Compliance (FR) Analytics

FC-Sanctioned Provider Name Matching
FC-Suspicious Key Word Matching
FC-Transactions In High Risk Countries
FC-Repeat Even Dollar Transactions

General Ledger -Journal Entries (JE) Analytics

JE-Fuzzy Duplicates Testing
JE-Journal Entries Balancing
JE-Journal Entries Duplicates
JE-Journal Entries By User

Inventory (IN) Analytics

IN-Aging By Receipt Date Inventory
IN-Duplicate Field Search Calculate
IN-Inventory Turnover Ratio
IN-Recalculate Inventory Balance

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