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Take action on the results from your data analysis efforts.

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Become a Truly Data Driven Organization

You've now put your data through its paces. You've performed thorough data analysis and have produced results that warrant attention. What comes next? How do you direct the data driven activities that follow to ensure that your organization maximizes the value from all you've learned?  Take advantage of business process improvements. Minimize risk. Stamp out fraud, waste & abuse. Become a truly "data driven" organization by objectively taking action on the results from your data analysis efforts.

Minimize Risk

Address the problems you find.  Specific issues or process & control weaknesses.

Capitalize On Opportunities

Provide revenue assurance. Identify best practices and do more of what's working.

Improve Transparency

Provide better visibility and reporting for all your data driven activities in real time.

Effectively Manage Resources

Avoid potential gaps in your process and
ensure timely activity follow up.

Expand Your Insight

Use the knowledge you gain about "how" you follow up on results.

Secure Your Process

Secure all your data driven activities. Data
encryption at rest and in motion.


Structure the Way Your Team Manages Results and Takes Action

Arbutus Results Manager is a flexible workflow technology that enables you to structure, prioritize, manage and follow up on the results from your data analytics efforts.  Enlist every team member in data driven activities no matter their level of technical capability or location.

Results Manager  -Flexible Workflow

Arbutus Platform

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Results Manager - Visual Workflow

Visual Workflow


Create Visual Workflows that map to your “follow up” processes. Capture your follow up activities: dialogue boxes, notes, attachments

Results Manager - Assign Activities

Assign Activities


Specify Teams, roles & responsibilities. Assign Activities to groups or specific team members. 

Results Manager - Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress.


Set deadlines and budgets. Track where you are in the process, what’s being done, and what happens next

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Dashboard Reporting


Get a sense of the big picture with dashboards that report on your entire process

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Encrypted Data


Secure all of your activities. Your own security framework under your own control. On premise or in your own cloud environment. All data is encrypted at rest and in motion.

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Triggers and Alerts


Set triggers & alerts. Get notified within the system or by email

Arbutus Latest Release Arbutus 8 

Ensure Data Quality.  Build Complex Analytics – Easily.  Visualize Results & Engage Your Team.


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