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Promote independence and reduce organizational drag by enabling secure, direct access to the data you need.  Take advantage of Arbutus functionality to automate all the steps necessary for importing and preparing your data for analysis.

Access All Your Data

Access your Data:  Big, Small, Complex, Disparate.  Systems:  Financial, Operational, IT.  Platforms:  On Premise, Cloud, PC, Mainframe


Discover what data you have before you get started.  Unlock new analytic opportunities based on what you find.

Verify & Prepare

Ensure your data is accurate and complete.  Consolidate, Normalize, Cleanse, Discover.

Data Connectors

Take advantage of an ever expanding suite of data connectors to work with most popular data sources including Databases, Cloud Sources, Systems Data and SAP

Arbutus Data Connectors- Latest list

Data Acquisition

Having the ability to manage data acquisition on your own terms empowers you to customize and streamline the entire analysis process. The multiple IMPORT command options provide you with access to almost every major data format that you can encounter.
This functionality allows you to deploy filters, select the tables, and specify which fields should be imported. As with all Arbutus commands, the import syntax is written to the Command Log. This will document the import parameters as well as allowing you to copy and paste the import command into an Arbutus procedure.

Built-In Access

Without adding any other connection modules, Analyzer can import data directly from the following sources: 

  • Delimited files (.csv, .del)
  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • Access (.accdb, .mdb)
  • Flat files (.txt)
  • PDF
  • XML
  • AS400
  • Cobol Copybook
  • PL/1
  • dBase
  • ODBC-compliant databases (Oracle)


Database Explorer

Discover what data you have before you get started. Unlock new analytic opportunities based on what you find.


Data Preparation

Combine.  Harmonize.  Restructure.

Once you've extracted your data, it's often necessary to prepare it before it can be analyzed. There may be several files that need to be combined, formats that require harmonization, and the restructuring of the records. Analyzer contains over 200 functions and commands that can make these requirements feasible. Complex restructuring is also supported by the use of scripted procedures.


Big Data Mashup

Easily prep and combine disparate data to drive your analysis, dashboards and visualizations. Arbutus is Engineered for Analysis so it can handle even the biggest of Big Data. Unlock the Power to ask any question of all your data and process at millions of records per second.

Data Sources

Arbutus Platform

Democratize Data and Analytics


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Data Quality Management

Ensure your data is accurate and complete. Consolidate, Normalize, Cleanse, Discover.

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Data Quality Management image.

Complex Legacy Sources

Provide direct, real-time access and analysis of legacy data sources including DB2, IMS, ADABAS, VSAM, ISAM, and sequential (QSAM) flat files.  Support both relational and non-relational data sources including the most complex legacy file structures.


Arbutus Connect Plus

Supercharge your existing applications by taking advantage of Arbutus Advanced Analytics and Data Access capabilities.  Supply data to your Web, Server, or Desktop applications via ODBC, OLE/DB, .NET, or JDBC.

Improve the Performance of Your Audit Analytics Program

Combine audit-specific analytics with data visualization tools to drive improved performance, better outcomes and more business value. Learn why data-driven auditing can save time and increase audit assurance, coverage and quality.


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