Real-Time Access to Legacy Data Sources

Arbutus Analytics  I  Mainframe Server

For z/OS, OS/390, or MVS platforms

Enables direct, real-time access to, and analysis of, all data sources including DB2, IMS, ADABAS, VSAM, ISAM, and sequential (QSAM) flat files. All native mainframe file types are supported, including VSAM, QSAM, PDS, GDG and Tape.  Direct access to IMS, DB2 and ADABAS is also supported as well as native mainframe field types including Packed, Zoned, Binary and Float. Data can be freely combined with server data or disparate sources.

Access & Integrate All Data 

Read both relational and non-relational data sources, including the most complex legacy file structures.

Move Data Between Platforms

Easily move data sources between server platforms or from the server to the desktop.

Analyze Data

Analyze both live and staged data for complete analysis flexibility.

Share Data

Easily share data access and analysis across your teams.

Arbutus Platform

Democratize Data and Analytics


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Technical Features

  • Communication directly to the server via TCP/IP, allowing remote access in distributed environment
  • No intermediate or staging servers are required, although they are supported for workload balancing Small footprint, requiring less than 5MB, exclusive of temporary data files
  • All connectivity can be totally transparent to Windows users who access server data
  • All processing is handled by the server, for maximum performance. Host system native keys are used whenever available for query optimization
  • Data transmission delays are minimized, as only the columns and rows required are downloaded
  • Data transmission speeds are further improved through the use of compression
  • Data transmission over public lines can be secured by encryption

Your Data + Arbutus = Insights

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