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Normalize Addresses and Detect Duplicates

You'll learn how to normalize addresses and detect hidden duplicates using functions in Arbutus Analyzer.  Also included are files, scripts and instructions for you to run this yourself in Analyzer.  

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Normalize Address

When is a Duplicate not a Duplicate

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With live demonstration of Arbutus Analyzer’s versatile functionality, learn how users are able to detect possible duplicate payments and identify possible risks.


Analytics by Popularity

No two organizations are identical, but the vast majority consider many of the same tests. Learn more about these popular analytics tests

Analytics By Popularity

Analytics Tests by Popularity

Analytics By Business Process

Learn more about various analytics tests to meet business needs.

Analytics By Business Process

Analytics Tests by Business Processes

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Arbutus, in partnership with AuditNet, presents series of engaging webinars with live Q&A. Insightful demonstrations and informative content presented by Arbutus Customers, Consultants and Data Analytics subject matter experts. 


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