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Arbutus technology empowers you to use ALL of your data to gain better business insights at speeds you never thought possible.

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Access your Data: Big, Small, Complex, Disparate. Systems: Financial, Operational, IT. Platforms: On Premise, Cloud, PC, Mainframe


Discover what data you have before you get started. Unlock new analytic opportunities based on what you find.

Verify & Prep

Ensure your data is accurate and complete. Consolidate, Normalize, Cleanse, Discover.


Engineered for Analysis. Unlock the Power to ask any question of all your data and process at millions of records per second.

Communicate & Remediate

Systematically Manage Your Results. Share Your Findings across your organization within Arbutus or within your Data Visualization or other Applications.


Automate Your Analytics. Scheduled, Centralized, Continuous. Focus your efforts where they're needed the most


Platform Overview

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Arbutus Hub

Strengthen Recommendations. Make Better Decisions and Improve Outcomes.

Securely access all your Data and extend the power of Analytics across your team regardless of their technical level or location.


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Arbutus Latest Release Arbutus 8

Ensure Data Quality.  Build Complex Analytics – Easily.  Visualize Results & Engage Your Team.


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