Instant Warehouse for Business Intelligence

Arbutus Instant Warehouse allows you to include all your data sources, including legacy data, during the planning process. All of your legacy data can be presented in table format, for use with other Arbutus products or through standard SQL queries.

Instant Warehouse can extend your profiling capabilities well beyond what you have come to expect, but that is only the start, as it can also help:

  • Extend legacy data profiling capabilities
  • Avoid costly ETL programming
  • Integrate data from disparate platforms
  • Implement business rules quickly
  • Discover and quantify data quality and other issues
  • Stage mainframe data on Windows with the click of a mouse
  • Utilize other profiling technologies and tools without the need to ETL
  • Expose all of the source data (whether legacy or otherwise) as a SQL database

With this new approach, end-users can access source data directly, hours or even minutes after the request is received. Since the source data can be made available as a virtual database, the project team can even let end-users themselves have read-only access to the source data using Excel, Access, Crystal Reports or other tools.

This not only increases “buy-in” to the project, but with more end-user eyes on the data, the rules and anomalies in the data can be discovered and identified before the data warehouse is even built. Then you can apply a wide range of data quality and profiling technologies, and can have much better informa­tion with which to plan projects.

In addition to merely exposing the source data, with Instant Warehouse, the project team can control the semantic presentation of the data and transform the data dynamically. This allows the team to prototype a proposed data mart before it is built. Users can experience, or even define, the solution during the plan­ning stages, and do this with the full set of real data. This capability provides a powerful tool to validate and refine the specification before work begins.