Instant Warehouse – More

Use Arbutus Instant Warehouse to Dynamically:

  • read all of your various data sources directly, using an Arbutus Server installed on that platform
  • read an exact copy transferred to a staging server (no conversion required)
  • combine the data sources in any manner required
  • apply data mapping rules you specify
  • implement user-specified data transformation, cleansing or business rules

The whole environment is then presented as a single, unified virtual database. This virtual database acts as a prototype of your data warehouse or data mart and can be accessed by:

  • any Windows application (desktop, server or web service) that reads ODBC, JDBC, OLE/DB or .NET
  • Arbutus Analyzer, which includes powerful analytic capabilities to understand your data and quickly identify data quality issues

This allows the virtual database to interact with your applications or processes in the same manner as the finished project.

Since all of this processing is implemented dynamically, you can change any characteristic of the prototype and instantly see the result in the model.

Quickly Develop and Update Data Models

Arbutus Instant Warehouse’s data modeling technologies let you implement a prototype of your project with a minimum of up-front planning and costs. Implement an Instant Warehouse as quickly as you can define the requirements. As you see the results, you can immediately update the model to reflect new or modified:

  • tables and columns
  • data mappings
  • data relationships
  • business rules and other dynamic calculations
  • data transformations and cleansing rules

More Than Just a Prototype

Arbutus Instant Warehouse is much more than a prototype, since it:

  • directly reads your source data, including complex legacy sources
  • implements real interfaces to your applications
  • combines any number of disparate data sources into a single logical view
  • utilizes powerful, dynamic processing capabilities to model your transformation, manipulation and data cleansing requirements

Rather than a mock-up, you see the actual project data in operation. Arbutus Instant Warehouse is so close to the real thing, that for many small- and medium-sized projects, it can actually be used as the data warehouse.

Secure Access

Arbutus Instant Warehouse allows any Windows application full, read-only access to a virtual data warehouse built using your live source data. Because data access is read-only, even though you may be reading your source data directly, the data is totally safe from change.

Easy Off-line Development

You can also choose to model your project off-line, using the Arbutus Windows Server. This server is fully compatible with the host system’s data types and file structures, meaning even off-line development can be achieved without any need for any advance data preparation or conversions.

Use Standard Development Methodologies

Once the final model has been established, you can implement it using whatever data warehousing tools and techniques you choose. Arbutus Instant Warehouse is a modeling tool that allows you to build your project right the first time, without affecting your choice of implementation technologies.