Uses of Connect


  • Allows for newer and better reporting on areas that were previously not thought possible
  • End-users continue to use existing reporting and analysis tools but now get access to additional legacy data sources – so no new training is required
  • Unique LegacyLink™ technology provides the shortest distance between corporate data sources and end-user applications, such as Excel, Access or Crystal Reports


  • Supports centralized set-up and administration of all data access
  • New data sources can be set up in minutes
  • All data sources can be filtered at both the record and field level
  • Can potentially eliminate cost or need for new data mart
  • Allows you to connect your Windows, server and web applications to virtually any data source

Data Sources

  • Easily integrates non-relational legacy data files with databases
  • Complements existing data warehouses and data marts by providing access to data that is not available in these main repositories
  • Simple set-up for direct access to legacy data sources
  • Arbutus Servers support access to both “live” and staged data sources

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