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Two things to know about Arbutus:

  1. We do analytics. And we do it quite well.
  1. We work and play well with others. We take what we do best to complement and enhance your team, as well as your existing technology and skills.


Why Arbutus for Audit Analytics?

  • We are a pivotal partner for audit teams who see strong analytics as a key factor in their success. Arbutus has proven that we can make it easier and more cost effective to implement and use analytics within your team and audit processes. > See what our customers say
  • Arbutus capabilities simplify and support your path to analytics at every stage. > See how
  • Thinking of switching from ACL? > See how easy it is to switch

Other Arbutus Solutions

Flexible solutions

Announcing V6.0 Release

Audit Analytics V6.0 is now available

From the technology leader in audit analytics, Arbutus is pleased to announce the release of version 6.0. This is its major update to Arbutus’ audit analytics solution.

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Fraud Detection Solutions

Test and compare data

Easily examine large volumes of transactional data to detect and deter corporate fraud.

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Cost recovery

Cost Recovery Services

Recover lost revenue

A unique offering of revenue recovery and cost recovery services.

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Why is Arbutus the best audit software?

  • Fuzzy matching
  • One-click job scheduling
  • Powerful data export capabilities
  • Enhanced procedure debugging
  • Enhanced procedure capabilities
  • Shared folders
  • Smart Search
  • Enhanced view capabilities, including triggers
  • Read delimited data directly
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