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Better Results with Better Technology: 100 Reasons to Like Arbutus

Flexible solutions

Best Audit Software

Announcing Audit Analytics 5.7

Arbutus Software provides the best in audit software and data analysis technology. Since 2003, we have been innovating and delivering specialized data analysis technology to our users.

Our technology helps organizations test internal controls and perform audit tests. Today, we offer auditors the very best in data analytics and audit software. Our goal is to exceed your expectations about what a technology vendor should be.

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Switch to Arbutus

Ready for a Change?

Request a quote to switch to Arbutus

It has never been easier to switch to Arbutus Audit Analytics, because we've eliminated the usual audit software transition issues:

  • Arbutus has a familiar interface (menus, commands, and functions)
  • Your existing scripts and data definitions are automatically converted
  • We have a transition-friendly licensing offer
  • Our knowledgeable Technical Support team knows Arbutus as well as our competitors

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Fuzzy comparisons

Controls Monitoring

Controls monitoring done right

The path to continuous controls monitoring just got a lot easier:

  • Easier to implement
  • Easier to use
  • Easier on your budget
  • Easier to switch

Arbutus offers all the benefits of a complete Continuous Controls Monitoring solution, while minimizing the risks. Find out why Arbutus is the best audit software for continuous controls monitoring.

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Why is Arbutus the best audit software?

  • Fuzzy matching
  • One-click job scheduling
  • Powerful data export capabilities
  • Enhanced procedure debugging
  • Enhanced procedure capabilities
  • Shared folders
  • Smart Search
  • Enhanced view capabilities, including triggers
  • Read delimited data directly
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