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CAAP Intermediate Certification

Intermediate Course

This course is designed to show you how to apply Analyzer functionality to data analytics projects.  This will be accomplished through four case studies that cover data integrity verification, travel and entertainment expenses, vendor and inventory management and IT passive directory accounts and terminations. 

Key objectives include:

  • Develop your skills in devising an efficient data analysis plan to achieve your goals
  • Refresh your knowledge of and experience with basic Analyzer functionality
  • Identify and apply the Analyzer functionality needed to achieve objectives
  • Break analysis objectives into structured, manageable steps
  • Familiarize you with common data analysis tasks and scenarios
  • Identify and follow best practice
  •  Test issues to identify patterns that may be indicative of the cause of issues
  • Automate the solution for one case study


Advanced Course

Become a more efficient Analyzer user by automating your analytics and integrating functions into your analysis. This course is designed to familiarize users with the creation and use of Arbutus Analyzer Procedures (scripts) and Functions in order to automate common tasks and to perform more complex analysis.

Key modules for Functions include:

  • Harmonize data for better matching and results
  • Use date and time data to identify weekend transactions and build flexible date ranges into your analysis
  • Clarify the meaning of your data by inserting, including or excluding characters
  • Supercharge your keyword searches using ListFind, WordFind and other functions
  • Identify duplicates in inconsistent data (fuzzy comparisons)

CAAP is a great way to show my expertise with audit analytics! I look forward to continuing to enhance my skills with Arbutus.
Natasha Leach, CIA, CGAP' (City Auditor) USA
CIA, CGAP' (City Auditor) USA

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Arbutus 8 Now Available

Ensure Data Quality.  Build Complex Analytics – Easily.  Visualize Results & Engage Your Team.

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Improved Analytic Workflows

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Code-Free Analytic Workflows

Arbutus Analyzer incorporates workflows to match the evolving ways in which analysts construct their analytic processes.

  • Automate every step you take quickly and easily and schedule to run in Arbutus HUB.
  • Share and communicate across your team without the need for specialized skillsets.
  • Sustain your success by managing analytics processes NOT code.
  • Achieve even faster performance with in-memory processing.

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Extended Profile

Explore and Assess Your Data with One Click

  • Access up to 60 attributes for each field across 6 categories - Verification, Statistics, Distribution, Date/Time, Outliers and Format

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Extended Profile

Overview of Arbutus 8

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