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From self service desktop and team-based analytics to fully automated solutions, Arbutus technology empowers you to use ALL of your data to gain better business insights at speeds you never thought possible.

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Access All Data

Access your Data: Big, Small, Complex, Disparate. Systems: Financial, Operational, IT. Platforms: On Premise, Cloud, PC, Mainframe


Discover what data you have before you get started. Unlock new analytic opportunities based on what you find.

Verify & Prep

Ensure your data is accurate and complete. Consolidate, Normalize, Cleanse, Discover.


Engineered for Analysis. Unlock the Power to ask any question of all your data and process at millions of records per second.

Communicate & Remediate

Systematically Manage Your Results. Share Your Findings across your organization within Arbutus or within your Data Visualization or other Applications.


Automate Your Analytics. Scheduled, Centralized, Continuous. Focus your efforts where they're needed the most

Develop complex, custom analytics using scripts, workflows or menu-driven functionality. Integrate with executables in R, Python, and DOS, enabling the development of efficient, unified analytics.


Our Customers Achieve

1,000s of Supported Users | Over 60 Countries | 6 Languages

Whether it's helping to streamline the tax process for an entire country or turbocharging the evolution of an energy sector powerhouse's Audit process, Arbutus is the engine that powers change. Find out why the world's leading organizations rely on Arbutus technology to support their Audit, Fraud Detection, Risk, Compliance and IT efforts.

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Analytics Focus and Experience

Originally architected by a pioneer who launched the self service Audit Analytics movement, Arbutus is focused on delivering high performance analytics technology combined with comprehensive functionality. Throughout our company, we provide unparalleled experience to help our customers achieve and maintain success with analytics.

Analytics Focus

Community & Career Enhancement

Dedicated Customer Portal. Virtual, Onsite, & Open Enrolment Training. Online Learning. Live and On Demand Webinars. AuditNet Premium Membership. Designations and CPEs. LinkedIn Group. Experienced Technical Product Support & Consulting Services.

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