Audit Analytics in Healthcare

Intelligent Healthcare Analytics

Harnessing the power of analytics to drive better results is an on-going challenge for audit, compliance and fraud investigation groups. Here are some examples of how analytics are being used in healthcare.

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Healthcare Analytics

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Protecting Your Bottom Line 

For one of the largest food and drug retailers in the USA with over $25B in revenue, 2,000+ stores operating in 30+ states. Their Internal Audit team has seen benefits since applying Arbutus Analytics, to assist with their system conversions. The IA team is able to continue to stand up an analytics solution that is fully automated, scalable, and repeatable across all distribution centers & reap benefits, few are listed here:

  • Provide strong assurance to senior leadership and local leadership
    around the conversion success of each distribution center
  • Accrue significant time savings (few days to less than 30
    minutes) in executing inventory data testing;
  • Harness significant power and speed of Arbutus Analyzer, which has no data limitation, in handling large 1.5 million data volume plus data from multiple disparate systems
  • Confidence in data protection from such things as human edit
    errors during audit test – read-only analytic software

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