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Transforming Tax Control: NRA Enhances Efficiency with Arbutus Analytics

The National Revenue Agency (NRA) is a specialized government body, subordinate
to the Minister of Finance, that is responsible for establishing, securing and collecting taxes, social security contributions, and other receivables required by law.

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The Challenge: NRA seeks specialized technology for data analysis of taxpayer information.

Until 2016, the NRA had used another specialized data analysis software, but recognized the need for better technology, with expanded technical capabilities, regular new releases and improved functionality. Along with providing its users with access to newer technologies and functionality, it was necessary to ensure compatibility with their existing automated analyses (already developed and deployed) as well as to better align the software licensing structure with its needs. In order to address this, the NRA announced a public procurement tender to supply and support 300 of its users with specialized technology to access, import, harmonize, and analyze data in electronic format created and/or exported by information systems used by tax payers.

Specific Challenges -

  1. The need for better technology with expanded technical capabilities, regular updates, and improved functionality.

  2. Ensuring compatibility with existing automated analyses already developed and deployed.

  3. Aligning the software licensing structure with the organization's needs. 

Solution - Selection and Implementation of Arbutus at the NRA

 The NRA deployed Arbutus Analytics nationwide.

After a thorough public procurement tender process in 2016, the National Revenue Agency (NRA) selected Arbutus as the technology best able to meet its needs. The decision was based on several key considerations:

  • Technical Software Capabilities: Arbutus offered robust and advanced features that met the specific requirements of the NRA.

  • Licensing & Deployment: Arbutus provided flexible licensing options and a deployment model that aligned with the NRA’s operational structure.

  • Cost: Arbutus was found to be cost-effective, offering tremendous value for money.

  • Implementation: The implementation process of Arbutus was evaluated to be efficient and manageable.

  • Training and Support: Arbutus offered comprehensive training for end users and system administrators, along with ongoing support.

The implementation of the project included the delivery and installation of the Arbutus Analytics Hub, offering a centralized Data Analysis & Automation platform, for 300 users. This large-scale deployment ensured that the benefits of Arbutus were accessible to a wide range of personnel within the NRA.

In addition to the software installation, the project also included specialized training for end users and power users. This training was crucial in ensuring that all users could effectively utilize the capabilities of Arbutus, thereby maximizing the return on investment.

This training empowered power users to design, manage and maintain their Data Analytics program, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation.

In conclusion, the selection and implementation of Arbutus at the NRA was a strategic decision that has yielded significant benefits in terms of improved efficiency and effectiveness in detecting tax fraud and financial abuses. The successful implementation serves as a testament to the importance of careful selection and thorough planning in technology adoption.

Result : Improving the NRA’s Capabilities with Arbutus Analytics

  • Improved Analytical Efficiency: The implementation of Arbutus Analyzer Desktop and Windows Server (HUB) technology in all offices across the country resulted in improved analytical efficiency, seamless exchange of information between their regional structures, and more effective internal control.

  • Increased Audit Effectiveness: With Arbutus, the NRA team of professional auditors significantly increased the number and effectiveness of conducted audits, which helped to increase the detection of tax fraud and financial abuses. In the year alone (2017), Arbutus was used in 624 control proceedings.

  • Enhanced Information Exchange: The use of Arbutus Hub facilitated a centralized approach, improving the exchange of information between auditors, regardless, of the territorial structure in which they are located, helping to build robust organizational practices.

  • Flexible Data Handling: Arbutus allows NRA auditors to import information in different file formats, perform detailed analysis, export the results, and prepare reports to be applied to the issued audit reports and fines acts.

  • Automated Data Analysis: By automating standard data analysis carried out during the course of control proceedings, all Arbutus users, not just the advanced ones, can benefit from the power of automated data analysis in their day-to-day work.

  • Rapid Processing and Analysis: Arbutus allows for rapid processing and analysis of significant volumes of information, from different ERP and accounting systems, thus giving NRA auditors the time and the tools they need to deepen the searches for inconsistencies and irregularities in the accounting data of the controlled entities and individuals.


Key Benefits :

  • Increased audit effectiveness leading to higher detection of tax fraud and financial abuses.
  • Improved exchange of information among auditors across territorial structures, enhancing organizational practices.
  • Flexibility to import information in various file formats, conduct detailed analysis, and export results for audit reports and fines acts.
  • Automation of standard data analysis processes, benefiting all users and streamlining day-to-day work.
  • Rapid processing and analysis of large volumes of information from different ERP and accounting systems, facilitating deeper searches for inconsistencies and irregularities in accounting data.
“The complete implementation was extremely fast and easy! The Arbutus software installation on the server and 300 computers in the NRA directorates across the country took less than 5 days, and auditors were able to immediately start working with the software.”
Vasil Panov

Safeguarding Taxpayer Funds

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