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Driving More Value with Automated Analytics

An Arbutus and Verracy Presentation

Automated Analytics

While the use of Data Analytics produces excellent results, they’re commonly applied in a tactical way for specific functional areas within an organization. This tactical approach often falls short of realizing the full potential of Data Analytics. Going beyond initial results, a more systematic approach to Data Analytics can help drive organizational learning (human and machine) from the various remediation processes. In this Webinar, we’ll discuss 3 areas of Analytics Automation: (1) Producing the findings, (2) Managing the findings, and (3) Learning from the findings.

Key Takeaways:

  • The value of Analytics Automation
  • Understanding the various technologies (i.e. RPA, AI, etc.)
  • Practical ideas for deploying and managing Analytics Automation
  • Using a more structured approach to remediating exceptions
  • Benefits of Root Cause Analysis
  • Using Analytics Automation to get a broader, more complete view of your organization over time
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Webinar Speakers

Brad Thiessen, Arbutus Analytics. (2)
Brad Thiessen
Director, Product Development Arbutus Analytics
Brad Thiessen, Arbutus Analytics.
Keith Barber
Verracy. Arbutus Partner, Data Analytics Insight

On-Demand Webinars

Arbutus, in partnership with AuditNet, presents series of engaging webinars with live Q&A. Insightful demonstrations and informative content presented by Arbutus Customers, Consultants and Data Analytics subject matter experts. 

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