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ME Elecmetal Increases Productivity with Continuous Auditing

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ME Elecmetal net sales exceeded US$ 800 million in the steel, wine, packaging, and communications industries. "The benefits of working with Arbutus are greater speed and response," says Carlos Romero P., Corporate Comptroller.



ME Elecmetal, a global industrial company, faced a significant challenge. The increasing demands for deeper and more timely audits were not achievable with their existing manual solution. The need was for an automated or continuous audit process that could facilitate deep risk analysis in less time, without the need for additional resources.


In search of a solution, ME Elecmetal sought a provider with a global support team, expertise in SAP, and the ability to implement in the shortest possible time. They found their answer in Arbutus Analyzer and Smartlink+. These software solutions met their criteria, and the company also demonstrated SAP solution expertise, supporting ME Elecmetal’s ability to easily access and prepare challenging data sources more rapidly.


With the new solution in place, ME Elecmetal could work within the authorization privileges of the SAP system, gaining direct, independent access to all SAP tables. This enabled unlimited areas of analysis. The following controls were successfully automated:

  • PO monitoring without any time assignment greater than 6 months
  • Invoices registered in the SAP FI module without authorization
  • Splitting of POs to circumvent authorization levels
  • Payments made to suppliers or blocked documents
  • Duplicate invoice payments
  • Payments in cash or by check to employees
  • Advances to suppliers that have not been fulfilled within six months
  • Payment of invoices without receipt of merchandise or services
  • Active users in SAP for terminated employees

This transformation has allowed ME Elecmetal to meet their audit demands efficiently, proving the effectiveness of Arbutus Analyzer and Smartlink+ in addressing their challenges.


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Increase Productivity with Continuous Auditing

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