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Contrary to what many companies have experienced, deploying a centralized analytics platform does not need to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive. The Windows Server has proven to be powerful but, easy to implement solution for many organizations around the world.



The Arbutus Windows Server is the foundational component of the Audit Analytics Enterprise Edition, as well as an optional, but key part for Fraud Detection, Cost Recovery and Data Solutions. The Arbutus Windows Server is used to support a number of important capabilities that benefit from having a centralized platform.

Some of the capabilities that the Windows Server enables include:

  • Setting up and managing scheduled analytics
  • Scheduling off hours access to production data
  • Maintaining all sensitive and important data on secure servers
  • Additional processing performance for big data files
  • Offloading of time consuming analytics from production or desktop environments
  • World wide access to data, tests and results
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The Arbutus Windows Server resides natively on one or more of your organizations servers, providing fast, efficient data access and query processing support for Audit Analytics, Fraud Detection, Cost Recovery and Data Solutions

Advantages of the Windows Server:

  • Improved data access. All data sources needed can be accessed and/or staged in a central repository
  • Support for automated and scheduled analytics.
  • Manage and share results across your team.
  • Greater processing performance
  • Stronger data security. All your audit data can be stored and analyzed in a secure server environment
  • Centralize control: Administration and management of tests and data sources can be easily controlled
  • Worldwide access: Access your data, tests, and results no matter where your team is located
  • Easy deployment and use

Arbutus Windows Server Supports Requirements for:

  1. Staging data from multiple platforms
    • Optimizes performance or increases analysis and reporting capabilities
    • Allows for the transparent joining and comparing of data from disparate sources
    • Staged data can be used just as if it were in a data warehouse
  1. Offloading CPU cycles from production environments
    • A simple, low-cost solution to stage and access all of your organizational data including mainframe, AS/400 and SAP data
    • Staging data is as simple as a file transfer, with no data transformation required
  1. Usage and access solutions for historical data from decommissioned platforms
    • Fully compatible with all data set structures and data types encountered on your mainframe, Unisys, HP, or DEC platforms
    • Staging historical data is as simple as a file transfer, with no data transformation required
  1. Moving, Combining and processing data from any data file, database, and data mart
    • Process data from any database that can be accessed via any ODBC connection including DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle
    • Specializes in reading both relational and non-relational data sources, including the most complex legacy file structures
    • Local data, staged mainframe data, and even SQL databases can be combined and integrated in any way desired, into a single unified view
    • Data sources can be easily moved between server platforms or from the server to the desktop
    • Data and databases can be easily brought together from multiple platforms for analysis and reporting purposes
  1. Analyzing data
    • Analysis can take place on the server, the desktop, or a combination of each
    • Allows analysis to occur against ‘live’ data or staged data, providing complete analysis flexibility
  1. Sharing of data
    • Supports the easy sharing of data access and analysis among users
    • Data access can be controlled by a central administrator, whether on-site or from a remote location
  1. Optimal processing performance
    • Optimized for strong performance in processing large data files, allowing end-users to experience faster response times to their queries


What sets the Arbutus Window Server technology apart from alternative centralized processing platforms?

    • Implementation is simple. The Arbutus Windows Server gives you the power and capabilities you need without any of the unnecessary complexities that create installation, deployment and administration challenges
    • The Windows Server is a seamless extension of Analyzer desktop. Both components were designed to work like one product. No additional training needed when you add the Windows Server.
    • Performance on large data sets. Try it for yourself to see the difference.
    • Scheduling and administration of analytics is just a few clicks
    • Flexible licensing


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