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The goal of Arbutus is to help our users achieve their analytics objectives in a way that minimizes their reliance on, and cost of, outside assistance. Although self-serve analytics is great for many, it is not always the realistic or the preferred option depending on your needs, internal resources and timeframes. Arbutus offers multiple ways to assist organizations from standard usage of Arbutus Analyzer to comprehensive controls monitoring and reporting solutions.



Compared to alternative solutions, the installation, deployment, customization and on-going administration of Arbutus-based solutions requires significantly lower resources and costs. Arbutus has applied our hard work and talent on good software design so consultants can help our customers deliver projects, both large and small, that come in on time, and on or below budget.

Areas where Arbutus consulting is commonly used:

Addressing Data Access Challenges

Addressing Data Access Challenges

  • Work with your IT department or provider to access and define the correct data sources
  • Stage disparate data files and databases into a centralized data store for improved performance and analysis
  • Provide configuration and set-up assistance for Arbutus Servers
Arbutus Products Implementation Assistance

Arbutus Products Implementation Assistance

  • Arbutus products are used to address various IT and business requirements. Our consultants work with your team to ensure an on-time and on-budget implementation
  • Ensure that you gain immediate and on-going business value from your Arbutus technology investment
  • Custom development of Arbutus Procedures/Script
  • When your internal resources are unavailable or better used on other projects, our consultant can ensure a fast development and deployment of customized procedures or applications
  • Automate various analysis and reporting
Initial Project Assessment

Initial Project Assessment

  • For larger projects, our consultants can become involved to conduct information gathering and initial data analysis for the purposes of providing a more detail scope of a project from an Arbutus technology perspective
Perform Data Analysis

Perform Data Analysis

  • On the direction of our clients our consultants can conduct advanced data analysis tasks
  • Work with your team in developing required data analysis tests
  • Mentoring your team in data analysis best practices when using Arbutus technology

The subject matter expertise offered by Arbutus falls into three areas:

  1. Expertise in using Arbutus technology
    • Arbutus can provide experienced, talent people to come along side your team and assist/mentor them in successfully using Arbutus in either a specific project or for on-going needs
  2. Expertise in data access and analytics
    • Assistance with setting up access to all of your data sources and the associated analytics.
  3. Expertise in deploying analytics within specific usage areas of audit, compliance, fraud and cost recovery.
    • Arbutus can play a complementary role or take the lead in delivering a complete, turnkey solution.


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