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In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, organizations face the critical challenge of maintaining data integrity across disparate systems. When confronted with this complex task, one company made a strategic decision: they turned to Arbutus Analytics. Renowned for its robust data analysis tools and expertise, Arbutus played a pivotal role in their journey. In this case study, we delve into how Arbutus’s suite of analytics procedures, seamless data integration, and powerful features ensured data integrity and efficiency during system conversions. Let’s explore the transformative impact of Arbutus Analytics.

Client Profile: 

Industry: Retail (Food and Drug)
Revenue: Over $25 billion
Store Count: 2,000+ stores
Geographic Presence: Operating in 30+ states

One of the largest and most influential food and drug retailers in the United States, with a rich history, the company has consistently evolved to meet the changing needs of consumers. Today, it stands as a trusted name in the retail industry, providing essential products and services to millions of customers across the nation. Serving as a vital link between consumers and essential goods. Its commitment to excellence, community engagement, and innovation positions it for continued success in an ever-evolving market.

The Challenge: Ensuring Data Integrity During System Conversion

As the organization underwent significant growth and expansion, it faced the complex task of overhauling systems across multiple distribution centers. The critical concern was maintaining data integrity during these system conversions. Specifically, verifying inventory records and identifying any discrepancies required meticulous attention to detail. 

Concern - The management and internal audit team were deeply concerned about the integrity of inventory and costing data during these system conversions. Ensuring accurate records was crucial to maintaining financial stability and operational efficiency. After each distribution center completed its conversion, the internal audit team faced the following task: 

    • Verify inventory records to ensure they aligned with the new system.

    • Identify any discrepancies that required local management’s attention.

    • Rectify any issues promptly to prevent financial losses.

On average, the internal audit team had to examine 1.5 million inventory records from each distribution center.
This massive volume of data posed a significant challenge.

The process was further complicated by the need for additional data from various disparate systems.
Integrating data from different sources while maintaining accuracy was a complex undertaking.

Data integrity was paramount. Errors or discrepancies could have a negative impact on the company’s bottom line. The stakes were high, given the financial implications.

The organization needed a robust solution to handle the data complexities, ensure accuracy, and mitigate risks during system conversions.

Solution: Leveraging Arbutus Analytics for Data Integrity Across Disparate Systems

  1. Vendor Selection: Arbutus Analytics

    • The organization made a strategic choice by turning to Arbutus Analytics for assistance.
    • Arbutus’s reputation for robust data analysis tools and expertise played a crucial role in their decision.

  2. Analytics Procedures and Scripts with Arbutus:

    • Arbutus developed and implemented a comprehensive suite of analytics procedures and scripts.
    • These procedures meticulously defined the inventory records, averaging 1.5 million per center.
    • Supplementary data from other systems were seamlessly integrated.

  3. Arbutus Analyzer: Power and Efficiency:

    • The massive data tables underwent preparation and analysis using Arbutus Analyzer.
    • Powerful commands like joins, summarize, and cross-tab were harnessed.
    • Arbutus Analyzer efficiently processed combined data from various sources.
    • Additionally, Arbutus Analyzer accommodated SQL queries, allowing the organization to pull data needed from different systems (e.g., Lawson for financial data, SSIMS for inventory and cost data).

  4. Advanced Features of Arbutus Analyzer:

    • Multiple Data Queries:
      • Arbutus Analyzer allowed the organization to select and apply multiple data queries without relying solely on filters.
    • Automated Sample Selection:
      • Custom criteria were used to automate sample selection, ensuring representative data sets.

    • Scripting for Speed and Consistency:
      • Custom scripts/procedures were designed and applied to automate and speed up execution of common commands.
      • This consistency across distribution centers streamlined the process.

  5. Data Protection and Audit Trail:

    • Arbutus Analytics ensured data protection by operating as read-only analytic software.
    • The full audit trail within the analytic scripts/procedures provided transparency and traceability.

In summary, Arbutus Analytics seamlessly integrated data from various sources, ensuring data integrity and efficiency during system conversions.

Result: Streamlining Efficiency in Data Integrity 

The implementation of Arbutus Analytics had a significant impact on the organization’s overall efficiency during system conversions. Played a pivotal role allowing the organization to adapt seamlessly to its growth and expansion

Specific Benefits:

  1. Time Savings:

    • What would have taken weeks to set up and execute now happens more efficiently.
    • The inventory data testing process was streamlined, reducing the time required from days to less than 30 minutes.
    • This accelerated pace allowed the internal audit team to focus on other critical tasks.

  2. Data Accuracy and Completeness:

    • By identifying discrepancies promptly, Arbutus ensured the accuracy and completeness of inventory data after each conversion.
    • The organization could confidently attest to the strength of each data center’s conversion efforts.

  3. Risk Mitigation:

    • Detecting and addressing anomalies prevented potential financial losses.
    • Arbutus Analytics acted as a safeguard against errors that could negatively impact the company’s bottom line.

  4. Management Insights:

    • The generated exception list empowered local management to focus on critical issues.
    • Prompt rectification of anomalies ensured smooth operations and minimized disruptions.

Financial gains: Arbutus Analytics Boosts Efficiency and Bottom Line

The implementation of Arbutus Analytics significantly improved the organization’s efficiency during system conversions. Firstly, it led to substantial cost savings by streamlining the inventory data testing process. The time saved translated directly into financial gains.

The solution effectively mitigated risks. Detecting and addressing anomalies promptly prevented potential financial losses, ensuring data accuracy. The newfound operational efficiency allowed the internal audit team to focus on other critical tasks, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness. Lastly, management confidence was bolstered as the organization could confidently attest to the strength of each data center’s conversion efforts.

In summary, Arbutus Analytics positively influenced the organization’s bottom line by enhancing efficiency, mitigating risks, and ensuring accurate financial records.

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Arbutus Analytics is a powerful tool that empowers organizations to analyze their data efficiently and maintain data integrity. Here are some key features of Arbutus Analyzer:

  1. Data Integrity and Read-Only Mode:

  2. Comprehensive Analytics:

  3. Automated Sample Selection:

  4. Scripting for Efficiency:

  5. Data Protection and Audit Trail:

In summary, Arbutus Analytics seamlessly integrates data from various sources, ensuring data integrity and efficiency during system conversions1. If you’re looking for robust data analysis tools, Arbutus Analyzer is a solid choice!


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