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Reducing the Clutter in Arbutus Analyzer

Reducing clutter in Arbutus Analyzer...

Arbutus Analyzer provides a multitude of ways to organize your work efficiently and reduce clutter. These can apply to files, scripts, logs, and folders.

Simple Need Not Imply Simplistic - Arbutus Analytics

Simple Need Not Imply Simplicity

While data environments may be complex, a truly sophisticated solution doesn’t burden the user with the details. That's what Arbutus is all about. Learn how Arbutus Analytics platform provides simple solutions to complex data challenges.


Cut The Clutter -1

Analytics can be a messy business...

A novice might think that all you've got is input data and results: nice and tidy. Reality is typically far different. Not only are there many dead ends that didn't turn into useful results, there are also seemingly innumerable "helper" tables, fields and scripts that did contribute to the final result

Protect Your Scripts

Protect Your Scripts

Anyone who writes scripts for others knows that issues can arise after you’ve shared them out with your users - despite your best attempts to make your scripts "bulletproof". Writing bulletproof scripts is something we all strive for, and Arbutus gives you a wide range of tools to help make this a reality. 

Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management

There are several simple steps you can take to test your data's quality. Ideally, this should be done immediately after defining a file in Arbutus Analyzer and before beginning your analysis.  Running the tests explained here, will document the results in the Command Log.



For many of us, working from home could be the norm for some time to come, but how does that impact the analysis of sometimes sensitive data?

Detect Duplicates

Normalize Address and Detect Duplicates

You'll learn how to normalize addresses and detect hidden duplicates using functions in Arbutus Analyzer.  Also included are files, scripts and instructions for you to run this yourself in Analyzer. 

Address Normalization

What is Address Normalization?

Data normalization is a term you might not be familiar with, but it is key to the success of virtually every matching exercise, and is in fact fundamental to database theory in general.  In essence its the science of "you say pot-tay-to and I say po-tah-to".  We want different expressions of the same thing to match. 

DQ Matters


While everyone has heard of the concept "Garbage in, Garbage out" (GIGO), for most of us this is just an accepted, but abstract, concept.  Today we'll explore Data Quality (DQ) more closely, and show how to minimize GIGO.