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Powerful Analytics. Simplified

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Arbutus Version 7

More intuitive.  More visual.  More capable.  Easier to Automate.  And even faster.

 Arbutus Version 7 was designed to enlist everyone in the growing analytics movement.


Code-Free Analytic Workflows

Design powerful analytics more intuitively and deliver outcomes in minutes with easy-to-use, icon-based, drag & drop workflows. 

  • Automate every step you take quickly and easily and schedule to run in Arbutus HUB.
  • Share and communicate across your team without the need for specialized skillsets.
  • Sustain your success by managing analytics processes NOT code.
  • Achieve even faster performance with in-memory processing.
Arbutus Analytics - Workflow_Visual Scripts


Tap into enhanced and expanded Arbutus Visualizations to locate that needle in the haystack - visually.

  • Easily interact with your visualizations to shape the story you'd like your results to tell.
  • Save and share with others or include in your reports.
Arbutus Analytics - Dynamic Graphing V7

Drag & Drop Pivot Tables

  • Immerse yourself in your data using powerful, interactive, drag & drop pivot table analytics.
  • Get immediate on-screen feedback as results change dynamically based on what you've just tried.
Arbutus Analyzer - Pivot Function V7.250121
1774 x 1035 - Automationv2


Tap into all your Automated Analytics all in one place under the new Automation Menu.

1774 x 1035 - quick search


Like SmartSearch for your Project Overview. Find the project or file you want to work with more quickly and easily.

1774 x 1035 - Hash Function

Hash Function

Enable data analytics on ALL of your data while ensuring data security. Mask sensitive data (credit card #s, salary information, social security #s, etc.) with the new Hash Function.

Additional Data Connectors

CData Amazon S3 logo CData Workday CData SAP HANA CData Teradata logo CData Epicor CData Excel Online

More Features



  • Statistical values (min, max, avg) added to more commands
  • WordFind function

  Ease of Use

  • Larger dialogue boxes
  • More QuickFilter options on Dates
  • Color highlighted SmartSearch results
  • QuickSort column indicator


  • Verify, Gaps, & Sequence commands now support data file output
  • IF function
  • Procedures automatically report elapsed time
  • Procedure Dialogues now support HUB (Server) files
  • Better integration with ResultsManager

Additional SmartApps

Take advantage of even more ready-made apps in support of advanced analytics.  Use interactively or as templates to create your own customized apps.


Overview of V7 Features

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