Arbutus Connect: Extend the Reach & Fraud Detection of Excel

Arbutus Connect ODBC Drivers: a complementary technology extending the reach and fraud detection capabilities of Excel

Microsoft Excel may be the world’s most popular spreadsheet software, but for fraud investigations, it is severely limited in three ways:

  • Excel does not support the data volumes required of fraud investigations
  • Excel does not support direct access to legacy systems or other non-warehoused data, including transactional data on mainframes
  • Significant IT resources and costs are required to support access to new data sources

With Arbutus, you can create Excel spreadsheets from mainframe data

Connect Turns Excel into a Powerful Fraud Detection Tool

Direct, Real-Time Access to Mainframe Data

  • Unique Arbutus ConnectPlus technology offers shortest distance between Excel and corporate data sources
  • End-users and business analysts can directly access complex mainframe data within Excel via ODBC
  • Arbutus Servers support access to both ‘live’ and staged data sources
  • New data sources can be set up in minutes
  • All data sources can be filtered at both the record and field level

Better Fraud Analysis and Reporting

  • Arbutus Connect ODBC Drivers support better, more comprehensive tests on areas that were previously too difficult to access
  • When needed, Excel can be used to initiate fraud tests directly on production systems or other data sources within your IT environment
  • Easily integrates and compares non-relational legacy data files with databases
  • Processes unlimited file sizes, with Excel only receiving the data subset you need
  • Can cleanse and dynamically transform your data before testing

Minimal Deployment Issues

  • With Arbutus, examiners can continue to use the tools they already know, with no new training required
  • Supports centralized set-up and administration of all data access
  • No need to purchase new end-user tools for examiners