Arbutus Connect Uses ConnectPlus

Arbutus Connect ODBC Drivers utilize ConnectPlus technology to provide your Windows applications direct, read-only, and flexible connectivity to all of your data.

The Arbutus Administrator or IT function uses Arbutus Analyzer to perform a straightforward file definition process for any files or databases that need to be exposed as tables. Analyzer has a built-in Data Definition Wizard that allows for the easy definition of most types of data.

At this point, any Windows desktop application that can access ODBC data can directly read the data with LegacyLink™ as if it were stored in a SQL database or data warehouse. LegacyLink™ communicates directly with Arbutus Servers via TCP/IP. There are no additional hardware or software components required for connectivity.

Connect - diagram

This direct connection to the server-resident application offers a number of benefits:

  • The low component count means low infrastructure – and this translates directly into low costs, both to install and maintain.
  • Since no additional software interfaces are required, you get up and running quickly, using your existing equipment.
  • Having a mainframe-resident server gives you the maximum access to your legacy data, including DB2, IMS, VSAM, and sequential (QSAM) flat files. You don’t need any additional technologies to transform the data for access.
  • The interface can supply data through any ODBC, JDBC, OLE/DB, or .NET connection.

The result is you can implement a data mart-style solution, with full access to all your Windows applications, in a matter of days.