Arbutus Connect vs. DB2 Connect

Arbutus Connect ODBC Drivers offer a number of advantages over IBM’s DB2 Connect, particularly in the area of end-user connectivity, because:

  • You only see the tables you choose to see, rather than all you are authorized for
  • You may provide user-friendly aliases for any displayed tables or columns
  • You only see the columns you choose to see from each table, rather than all columns
  • You may automatically restrict the rows in any table, using any criteria
  • Data access is read-only, so your source data is never at risk
  • You may automatically join information from other disparate sources, including IMS, ISAM, VSAM and even sequential (QSAM) flat files, without requiring any additional infrastructure or software purchases. All this information can be presented as a single unified table
  • You may also integrate your DB2 data directly with virtually any information stored on any number of AS/400 (iSeries) servers

Arbutus Connect is an excellent solution for most PC-to-mainframe connectivity tasks, whether it’s integrating desktop, server or web services applications with your mainframe data via ODBC.