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Solutions for Data Quality, Migration, Staging and ETL

Arbutus Software offers powerful, easy-to-implement, value based solutions for your data. Whether you are on the IT side or the business side, Arbutus can help you address your needs.


Data Quality

Data Quality

Feel confident that your data is reliable, complete and ready for use.

Data Access

Data Access

Enable direct access to all of your data including complex, disparate and legacy sources.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Moving off a legacy system like a mainframe? Arbutus has specific solutions for migrating off legacy platforms and systems.

Data Staging

Data Staging

If you need to keep archived or migrated data easily accessible without the expensive, time consuming infrastructure of a data warehouse, Arbutus can help.



Arbutus has solutions to move and transform your data that are high on capabilities and low on cost.


Arbutus Offers a Solutions For All Your Data

Arbutus offers a number of key solutions for challenging data sources and challenging data problems like data access, migration, data quality, staging and ETL. Arbutus provides data solutions for both business and IT professionals that support direct access, analysis, and conversion of data from a wide variety of data sources and data types, including the most complex legacy and mainframe file structures.

Data Access

Data Access

Do you struggle with getting access to ALL of your data sources? Since 2003, Arbutus has been helping organizations access and use their disparate, complex and ever changing data sources from core financial systems to legacy applications. Arbutus has done the hard work and simplified how you can access the data you need without the costs and infrastructure normally associated with overcoming these barriers.

Two Main Data Access Capabilities offered by Arbutus:

1. Access and analyze data using Arbutus

With Arbutus users can work with a wide range of staged or live access data sources. Using only Arbutus Analyzer desktop, most data sources, even non-native pc sources like IBM mainframe, Unisys and DEC can be read and analyzed. When Analyzer is used with Arbutus Server components (Windows, Mainframe & AS/400), the capabilities to directly access native sources are opened up.

2. Integrate data into your desktop and web applications

Arbutus provides your Windows, web, and server applications with ODBC connectivity to all of your relational and non-relational data sources, significantly lowering the cost of fully utilizing all of your organizational data.

Get direct, real-time access to all your corporate data sources, including mainframe sources such as: Adabas, DB2, IMS, ISAM, QSAM, VSAM, and other complex files (i.e., virtually any data file in table format). You can also access your SAP data, Internet-based sources, as well as data stored in other environments, so that all of your data is presented in a unified environment.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Data migration projects come with many challenges and risks that often result in unexpectedly high outlays for acquisition, support infrastructure, and qualified personnel. Arbutus helps you avoid the costs, delays, and risks typically associated with legacy data migration projects. Arbutus Migrate uses a data-driven methodology that reduces both the costs and risks associated with the design and development of legacy data migration projects.

Migrate queries the source data directly, with no ETL programming required. Its read-only approach has two main benefits:

1. Migrate uses real source data, rather than test data, allowing users to identify and quantify data quality issues at the outset

2. Migrate cannot alter the source data, so the integrity of the underlying data is maintained

The technology behind Arbutus Migrate has been used for over 20 years by medium and large organizations to access and convert all types of complex legacy data sources. These purpose-built capabilities allow you to convert source data to the target system’s requirements efficiently and economically.

Key Capabilities of Arbutus Migrate:


                            • All-in-one application means minimal training and start-up time – Just one tool to learn and use for all data validation, cleansing, and conversion tasks
                            • Not a legacy data migration expert? Not a problem! – Data conversion professionals at Arbutus are available to assist whenever needed
                            • Flexibility to use other migration tools if requiredArbutus can seamlessly supply data to other applications
                            • Will not affect performance of production systems – Data can be moved between different server platforms for quick and easy staging
                            • Access historical data from decommissioned platforms – Fully compatible with all data set structures and data types encountered on your mainframe, Unisys, HP, or DEC platforms

Purpose-built functionality

                            • Intuitive user interface reduces programming requirements – Over 100 built-in functions help extract and transform even the most complex data sources, including mainframe legacy data
                            • Easily validate source data – Migrate offers extensive interactive testing and validation tools
                            • Comprehensive audit trail – The entire data migration process is automatically documented





                            • Cost-effective – With Migrate, there is no need to use an expensive ETL tool
                            • Data-driven methodology – Migrate minimizes staffing requirements and allows you to complete projects without the usual labor-intensive IT skills
                            • Achieve results quickly – Arbutus Migrate sets up in just days
Data Quality

Data Quality

Whether it is part of one-time project or an on-going data assurance program, Arbutus puts sophisticated data quality analysis into easy reach of any organization with Arbutus Data Quality.
  • Easy to apply to nearly any data quality analysis task.
  • Quickly and easily design and execute data quality analysis jobs
  • Costs far less than alternative solutions
  • Comprehensive data access making it easy to connect to and read from any file format or database

With Arbutus Data Quality, the benefits of powerful data quality discovery, profiling and cleansing can be realized by most organizations almost immediately. Built-in, intuitive profiling and commands make it fast and simple to perform sophisticated data quality analysis on data stored in databases, and other sources.

Arbutus Data Quality solutions allows you to:

  • Perform statistical analyses on your data ranging from simple categorical analysis, to analysis of text and numeric fields, to sophisticated frequency distribution profiling.
  • Identify duplicate and near-duplicate records.
  • Pattern-based analysis. Validate your data against customized patterns that you create.
  • Statistical profiling. Quickly generate statistics on blank fields, null values, duplicates, unique values, the most and least frequent values, and much more.
  • Textual analysis. Develop profiles of text fields
  • Numeric analysis. Analyze numeric fields to determine means and ranges.
  • Quickly standardize, de-duplicate, and enhance your existing data
Data Staging

Data Staging

Keep archived or migrated data easily accessible without the expensive, time consuming infrastructure of a data warehouse.

Staging data from multiple platforms

      • Optimizes performance or increases analysis and reporting capabilities
      • Allows for the transparent joining and comparing of data from disparate sources
      • Staged data can be used just as if it were in a data warehouse
      • Data marts can be created and updated as easily as just copying a file

Offloading CPU cycles from production environments

      • A simple, low-cost solution to stage and access all of your data, including mainframe data
      • Unique in that it is fully compatible with all data set structures and data types encountered
      • Staging data is as simple as a file transfer, with no data transformation required
      • Implement a data mart-style solution, with full access for any type of query, analysis, or reporting needs, in a matter of days

Usage and access solutions for historical data from decommissioned platforms

      • Fully compatible with all data set structures and data types including many legacy sources/platforms such as mainframe, Unisys, HP, or DEC
      • Staging historical data is as simple as a file transfer, with no data transformation required

Combining and processing data from any data file, database, and data mart

      • Process data from any database that can be accessed via any ODBC connection including DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle
      • Local data, staged mainframe data, and even SQL databases can be combined and integrated in any way desired, into a single unified view
      • Supports the combination of different databases. For example, Oracle tables can be dynamically combined with SQL Server tables
Data ETL

Data ETL

          • Most industrial-strength ETL solutions available fulfill a good portion of their requirements. Yet, by their very nature, they are rarely considered flexible. This is the area where Arbutus ETL solutions shines.
          • ETL solutions from Arbutus are fast and flexible. The agility inherent in the Arbutus ETL makes it the right approach for many needs and makes sure your data is prepped for analytics, visualization or other operational uses.
          • No matter where your data is stored – from legacy systems to core financial applications – Arbutus ETL can help you access and use the data you need. Create data transformation rules once and reuse them, giving you a standard, repeatable method for improving and integrating data.


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Here are some of our key differentiators and reasons Arbutus is chosen for our advanced technology:

  • Solutions are straightforward to implement and use
  • Technology and expertise in handling challenging legacy data sources and platforms
  • Budget friendly offering
  • Flexible licensing to accommodate both short and long term needs
  • Strong, knowledgeable technical support
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